Disability Benefits

Disability claimants who have had their benefits request rejected are often curious about how to get disability in Denver after that rejection.  Some naturally conclude that something was wrong with their application, and accordingly, they believe that their best chance of winning is for them to start the process all over again by sending in a new application.  But, for sure, that’s almost always a bad idea.

The thing that most claimants might not know is that even though the majority applications submitted get rejected by the Administration during the initial stages (about two-thirds of applicants), those claimants who choose to appeal through to the hearing level before an administrative law judge get approved more often than not.

Accordingly, the simple response to the question of how to get disability inDenveris that filing another application is probably not a good way to handle things; however, if you appeal your claim up through the ALJ hearing level and you still get denied, you may then want to consider filing a second application.  There is absolutely no limit to the number of applications that you can turn in; but keep in mind, though, every time you start the process over again, it will only serve to delay your claim.

If you are not presently represented by an attorney and you need more info on how to get disability in Denver, please fill out the evaluation form located on this page, and a local attorney will get in touch with you soon.


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There are a variety of injuries for which people attempt to seek Social Security disability benefits, but two of the more common types are neck and back injuries.